It’s Time to Go to War!

Mutant Tortoise Warriors is a collection of 5,000 uniquely generated NFT warriors who are ready to fight on the Solana battlefield.

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All Warriors are fierce but some Warriors are fiercer than others. Their fierceness depends on the attributes they have.

Each Mutant Tortoise Warrior is unique and randomly generated with a variety of attributes from more than 200 traits, including shell, weapons, head gear and much more.


Minting Begins

On ***, the Warriors land on the Solana battlefield.

Raffle Program

Once all the Warriors have been minted, a raffle program will be started.

  • $1,000 prizes will be given away everyday for 100 days to a random Warrior #.
  • $10,000 prizes will be given away every week for 15 weeks to a random Warrior #.
  • $50,000 prizes will be given away every month for 3 months to a random Warrior #.

In total, $400,000 prizes will be given away.

Buyback Program

Other than the raffle program, a buyback program will be started in which we are going to buy back 1 random Warrior everyday listed at the lowest price (must be less than minting prices). The Warrior will then be listed at a 2x price. This way, we will make sure to maintain a steady floor price and safeguard your investment.

Charity Program

Whenever someone will buy our relisted Warriors from the buyback program, 100% profit will be donated to the Turtle Conservancy foundation. This will be done at the end of each month.

Other than the buyback program, you can also opt to give away your raffle winnings partially or completely to the foundation.


When is the drop date?
Sometime around Mid-September, exact date to be announced soon.

How can I buy a Warrior?
You can mint once the drop goes live or purchase the one you want after they have been listed on a secondary marketplace.

What is the mint cost?
2 SOL.

Can I mint on my mobile?
Yes, you will be able to mint through Sollet on your mobile.

Is there a limit per mint?
1 transaction at a time.

How can I check if my Warrior is rare?
You can check it on our attributes page.

Where can I see my Warrior after purchase?
You can see it in your Phantom wallet.

How to create a Phantom wallet?
Please head over to to download their wallet.

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